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Bennett Wallaby  
A Bennetts Wallaby is one of the larger varieties of wallabies.  A wallaby is a marsupial and is often referred to as a “small/mini kangaroo”.  A wallaby has a pouch that they carry their young in.  The pouch is around their abdomen, between their hind legs.

A Bennetts Wallaby grows to 30 to 50 pounds and up to 36 inches high.  The males are larger than females.  A mature male can grow to 50 pounds and 40 inches high.  A Bennetts Wallaby can take colder temperatures with shelter.  We provide ours with heat lamps in their insulated building.  A Bennetts Wallaby’s life span is approximately 10 to 15 years.
Bennett Wallaby
Bennett Wallaby

We sell our Joeys when they are around 8 months old.  We pull the Joey and get them started on a bottle for at least two weeks prior to being sold.  We feed our Joeys Wombaroo Kangaroo Milk Replacer and Lil’ Hopper Food.  Our adult Bennetts Wallabies are fed Happy Hopper Food.

We purchase our milk from Perfect Pets, Inc. in Belleville, MI.  We purchase the food from Pet Pro Products in Middletown, MO.  Both are shipped via UPS within three business days most times from date of order.

A Bennetts Wallaby makes a great pet when bottle fed and proper facilities.  We have three females and one male.  We have owned them since 2005. 

If you have never had a pet like this, please do your homework.  There are many good books on the market that explain how to raise wallabies which is how I have learned. 

Please see our “What’s for Sale” page to see what we have for sale.
Bennett Wallaby

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