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Miniature Zebu Cattle
Miniature Zebu are a hardy breed and have a high resistance to disease.  They are a tropical breed and they handle the heat very well.  As for the cold, they would rather stay in the barn.  Furnish them with a barn in the winter months and they will do fine. 
Miniature Zebu range in size up to 42” at the withers behind the hump for a bull, but many are mature at 32 to 36 inches.  Bulls have the most defined hump.  A mature cow weighs between 300 to 500 pounds.  A mature bull weighs between 400 to 600 pounds.
Miniature Zebu Cattle
Miniature Zebu Cattle
We are a member of The International Miniature Zebu Association (IMZA) since 2001.  The IMZA registry has three different categories:  Foundation Pure, Native Pure and Percentage.  All our Miniature Zebu are Registered Foundation Pure which means all Zebus are considered pure from their founding stock.  At age three, the Miniature Zebu can be permanently registered. 
Miniature Zebu Cattle

We have four Registered Foundation Pure Cows and two Registered Foundation Pure Bulls.

For more information on Miniature Zebu, membership opportunities and breed standards, the link to The International Miniature Zebu Association:

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